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The following book is a novella (70 pages) about a young child who's DNA is accidentally spliced with a fragment from an eagle which had infected his mother.  Slowly he was transformed into an eagle/boy and enjoyed (and suffered) the lot of an eagle.  His adventures encompassed run-ins with the military and government officials as well as becoming a protector of harassed individuals.  Eventually a friend was able to start a procedure to return him to a normal human form.  This book is designed for junior high and above persons who, like myself, are fascinated by large birds.

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This is an adult novel about a person with split personality who is highly intelligent and creates numerous inventions.  Because of his brilliance, attempts are made to steal his products.  Unethical government employees as well as international spies plague him, eventually burning down his home and nearly killing him.  He eventually becomes involved with an American Indian woman and together they seek and obtain justice in multiple countries.

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This is a book of non-traditional poems and verses covering a range of topics like love, philosophy, raising children, etc. 
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These Novella, poems and verses is written by Bill Miller